10 Rules of Dating Message Series begins August 28th through September 28th.  Pastor Henry will teach on one rule of datingeach Sunday and during our midweek worship.  This series is for Singles, Seriously Dating, Engaged, and we will have something in this series for those who are married as well. Invite a friend to attend!

Sunday, August 28
Rule 1: There Must Be Physical Attraction

Mid-Week August 30-31
Rule 2: They Must Love Jesus

Sunday, September 4
Rule 3: There Must Be Compatibility and Connectivity

Mid-Week September 6-7
Rule 4: Discuss Each Other’s Past

Sunday, September 11
Rule 5: Discuss Children

Mid-Week September 13, 14
Rule 6: Talk About Money

Sunday, September 18
Rule 7: Pace Yourself/Slow Down

Mid-Week September 20, 21
Rule 8: Engage or Disengage

Sunday, September 25
Rule 9: Go to Counseling

Mid-Week September 27, 28
Rule 10: Don’t Touch