New Direction Community Church started out as True Worshiper of God Missionary Baptist Church and was organized in 1971 in the home of Rev. Richard A. Bell and Mrs. Vera Bell. 

Under the leadership of Pastor Richard A. Bell the church grew tremendously. Many families became members and because of this constant growth the church found itself looking for a place to worship. Members allowed us to use their homes and office buildings to worship until 1975 we purchased our church building at 13417 S. Budlong Ave., Gardena, CA.

On August 22, 1984 Pastor Richard A. Bell resigned.  The church was without a shepherd for 14 months. On October 27, 1985 the Pastor Search Committee presented Rev. Willie Radcliff to the congregation. A unanimous vote was taken and Rev. Willie Radcliff and family were received.

Pastor Willie Radcliff truly was gifted at preaching and teaching the Word of God. On April 26, 1998 Pastor Radcliff resigned. We were without a pastor for 11 months. The faithful hung in there and prayed until something happened.

On March 29, 1999 the congregation voted overwhelmingly on Rev. Ronderick D. Henry as pastor.  God showed up and showed out.  Pastor Henry and family were welcomed with open arms on Sunday, April 4, 1999.

As a church, we studied the scriptures and discovered our biblical purpose. From this study we developed a purpose statement which reads:  “We exist to make saving the lost a priority, by baptizing them into the unity of the fellowship of God, teach and nurture them to observe all things toward maturity, to show others through our actions how we are motivated by God’s love to show love, that God may be worshipped in spirit and in truth.”

 In the Summer of 2004 God opened Pastor Henry’s eyes to what He was doing in Moreno Valley, CA which is about 70 miles East of Los Angeles. While heading back home from visiting the city, God simply said, "Look!"  Huge earth moving equipment were being used to prepare sites for building new homes and businesses. Pastor Henry knew at that very moment this was a God sent "Wave" of opportunity.

In December 2004, Pastor Henry started having bible studies in his home inviting friends and family members to attend. Each week we were growing.

A plan for starting a sister church was introduced to True Worshiper of God, Gardena, CA. Many members at True Worshiper of God didn't understand the vision that Pastor Henry had for starting churches to impact the Kingdom of God. The leadership skills of Pastor Henry were being tested to the extreme.

Pastor Henry took a bold leadership move and stated, "Whether or not the church would back me on this God given adventure, I had to do it because God called me to do it."

In following the vision that God had given our pastor, some members of True Worshiper of God Missionary Baptist Church made a sacrifice and were instrumental in launching New Direction Community Church in Moreno Valley, CA. On March 27, 2005 New Direction Community Church had its first worship service. We had 125 people to attend and several people committed or recommitted their lives to the Lord.

While studying the multi-site church concept Pastor Henry understood the ability of having a greater impact for the Kingdom of God by bringing both churches under one structure. A 40 Days of Vision Campaign was developed to help people grasp the new road our church would travel.

On Easter, April 12, 2009 we celebrated the changing of our church name from True Worshiper of God Missionary Baptist Church to New Direction Community Church.

New Direction Community Church mission is helping people to change their life course to become fully functioning followers of Christ. We currently have two locations to serve people in Gardena and Moreno Valley, CA.

When you visit New Direction you can expect a friendly environment, great music and hear a relevant message. We hope you take the opportunity to visit us on a Sunday in the near future to experience New Direction for yourself.