We are still collecting specific food items to help our ministry partner PW Enhancement subsidize their Food Pantry. The due date for these items is 2/7/2016. There will be a box located in the church lobby where you can drop off items. Please attach your receipt to your food donation bag. Contact Lakiesha Speight for more information at lakieshas35@yahoo.com.

Food Drive Pantry List


50 bottles Pancake Syrup

50 boxes Instant Pancake Mix

24 boxes Breakfast Bars

24 boxes Instant Oatmeal


48 (4-packs) Fruit Cups

100 ct Fruit Roll-ups

20 cs Cup of Noodle

20 cs (18ct) Vienna Sausage

48 (4-packs) Mac Cheese Cups (Microwaveable)

48 (4-packs) Beef a Roni, Ravioli, (Microwaveable)

100 boxes Hamburger Helper (Variety)

100 cans Tuna

100 ct Peanut Butter

100 ct Jelly

48 boxes Crackers


48 1lb ct Dry beans (Pinto, Red &Black)

48 1lb ct Rice

100 boxes Dry Spaghetti

100 cans Pasta Sauce

100 cans Corn

100 cans String Beans

100cans Mixed Vegetables

100 boxes Rice a Roni

100 boxes Mac & Cheese