We envision a church family made up of many members worshipping Jesus as Lord and Savior.  We envision a place of worship that is simple but shows our purpose as a church and where the music is felt by everyone present in the worship service.  We envision a place that ushers in the spirit of worship and where everyone is worshipping in the spirit with liberty.   We dream of a church that no matter how large it becomes that each member has a personal attachment. We dream of a place that is multicultural and multiethnic where everyone no matter of their background can come and be a part of this family without prejudice and in an atmosphere of comfort.

We dream of a place that is making disciples for Jesus Christ where people learn to live godly lives. We dream of a place that is one of the most mature churches in Southern California that is exemplified through being stewards of our time, talents and treasure.  A place that publishes material for people to develop themselves to be all Christ would have them to be.

We dream of a place where we minister to the whole man physically, spiritually, and mentally.  A place where people who are hurting can be comforted, confused can find peace; the discouraged to find encouragement and the restless to find rest.  We envision a place where broken families are put back together and a place where children can be nurtured in a pleasant environment.

We dream of a place where people who are single, single parents, married couples and those that are divorced are ministered to by finding encouragement and support.

We dream of a place where people understand their purpose in life and are ministering before God and men every day. We dream of a place that is a beacon light for the community.

We dream of a family that is reaching the lost at any cost by reaching thousands during evangelical meetings to receive Jesus Christ. We dream of a place that is reaching out to the world using mass media, television, radio and the internet.

We dream of a place that will win its community through the love of Christ.  A place that will start other churches to fulfill the mandate Christ has given us.  A place that is open to the community to fellowship.

We dream of a place like this because God has inspired it from our hearts.


Our mission is to help people change their life course to be a fully functioning follower of Christ. We do that through two ways; the five concentric circle and the baseball diamond.




It's our vision to help people take 'Next Steps' from the Community to the Core.




Baseball Diamond

The baseball diamond is apart of our discipleship process along with other systems in our church to help people develop into fully functioning followers of Christ.

PD Diamond.png